Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Trade

I. Application
    1. These Standard Terms of Business apply to contracts for the rental of Hotel rooms, Hotel conference, banqueting and function rooms as well as for all further services and deliveries by the Hotel in connection herewith. 
    2. The customer's standard terms shall only apply when this has been expressly agreed in writing.
II. Conclusion and content of the contract
    1. Offers from the Hotel are always non-binding. The contract comes into being through the acceptance of the Hotel. The Hotel shall be free as to whether it confirms the booking in writing. 
    2. If the booking is made in the name and for the account of a third party (the guest), then whoever makes the booking shall be jointly and severally liable with the guest for all claims of the Hotel under the concluded contract.
    3. The subletting of the Hotel rooms, function rooms, areas or cupboards provided as well as the use of the rented premises and areas for job interviews, sales and similar functions is generally not permitted and requires the prior written consent of the hotel. 
    4. Unless otherwise agreed, the Hotel rooms are to be occupied not earlier than 14:00hrs on the day of arrival (check-in-time) and vacated not later than 11:00hrs on the day of departure (check-out-time).
    5. Hotel Cavalieri is entirely a non-smoking property. It is not permitted to bring food and alcoholic beverage into the hotel. Upon check in reception will ask valid id cards of every guest and details of valid credit card (Visa, Master, Eurocard) for each room. Games are not allowed in public areas. We kindly ask not to wash or iron in the room. Buggies, golf equipment, and any other bulky object has to be deposited at the reception. Reception staff will decide which object is to be deposited. The hotel guarantees the safe custody of articles left.
III. Prices, payments
    1. The customer is obliged to pay the Hotel's applicable or agreed prices for the accommodation and/or functions as well as for other services which are used. This also applies to services provided and expenses incurred by the Hotel to third parties on the customer's instructions. For services provided after 24:00hrs, the Hotel is entitled to impose a night surcharge for each hour or part of an hour in which employees are held available. 
    2. The agreed prices include the current statutory Value Added Tax, except where a different agreement has been reached. If the period between the conclusion and the fulfilment of the contract exceeds four months and the prices generally charged by the Hotel for such services or the statutory Value Added Tax increase, then the Hotel may rise the agreed prices by a reasonable amount, however, not more than 10%. 
    3. Invoices shall be issued in EURO. Where payments are made in foreign currency, any exchange rate differences and bank charges shall be borne by the payer. Advance payments in foreign currency shall be credited towards the total invoice on the value date. 
    4. Invoices from the hotel shall be paid within 30 days from date of invoice. Where payment is delayed, the Hotel is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 10% p.a. The customer remains entitled to evidence a lower, the Hotel a higher loss. 
    5. The hotel is entitled at any time to demand a reasonable payment in advance and/or details of a valid credit card as guarantee. Except where the amount of the advance payment and the due dates for payment have been otherwise agreed in writing in the contract, the following advance payments are agreed: 
    6. a) for accommodation (room & breakfast) for groups of at least 10 room nights:
    30% deposit by bank transfer upon conclusion of the contract as guarantee, plus remainder within 10 days before day of arrival. 
    b) for functions (room rental, general charges & catering revenue): 20% deposit upon conclusion of the contract as guarantee, plus remainder at conclusion of event or departure of group.
    A pledge is created by the deposit of all items of any type brought in by the customer in respect of all claims, which are connected with the relevant contract. 
    7. Complains possibly concerning the billing have to be communicated to the hotel immediately after arising.
    8. The hotel has to be notified about the requested billing mode (addressee) when signing contracts or immediately upon completion of services.
IV. The Hotel's right to withdraw
    1. If an agreed advance payment is not made even after the expiry of a reasonable deadline set by the Hotel, the Hotel shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. 
    2. The Hotel is also entitled to withdraw from the contract for objectively justified reasons, for example if - force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible make the fulfilment of the contract impossible, - accommodation or functions were booked under misleading or incorrect statements of material facts, e.g. the customer or the purpose of use - the Hotel has justified cause to assume that the accommodation and/or function may endanger the smooth business operations, the safety or the reputation of the Hotel in public, without this being attributable to the management or organisation of the hotel or - there is a breach of the above clause II. 
    3. The Hotel must notify the customer without delay of the exercise of the right to withdraw.
V. Cancellation by the customer
    1. Cancellations must be made in writing. 
    2. For accommodation, the following applies to a cancellation by the customer:
    a) In case of cancellation the customer is obliged to pay 100% of the agreed room rate for each room and booked night.
    b) for group bookings of at least 10 room nights - the client can, 
    - up to 90 calendar days before arrival of the group, cancel 100% of the group free of charge.
    - up to 30 calendar days before arrival of the group, cancel 50% of the participants free of charge
    - up to 8 calendar days before arrival of the group, cancel 35% of the participants free of charge.
    - below 7 days before arrival the client will be charged 100% of the agreed room rate.
    c) A change of terms of the contract by late arrival or early departure shall also be deemed a cancellation for the purposes of the above provisions. 
    3. If no price had been agreed for the menu, the food price or the cheapest 3 course meal at the then current function prices shall form the basis.
    If no estimated room rental for the function was given, the current room rental prices for this period shall apply. The customer remains entitled to evidence a lower, the Hotel a higher loss. 4. Where an allocation of rooms has been reserved on call, clause V.2. shall apply accordingly to the cancellation of rooms after booking. If guests book individual rooms directly, the customer remains liable until the full allocation of rooms has been booked. Apart from this, clause II.2. shall apply.
VI. Changes to the number of participants and function times
    1. The definitive number of participants must be notified to the catering department at least 5 working days before the start of the function; a change of up to 10% of the total number of participants is allowed.
    2. In the event of a higher number, the actual number of participants will be charged. 
    3. The Hotel is entitled to make its approval of a reduction by more than 10% of the number of participants, which is notified later than five working days before the start of the function, subject to the condition that the agreed prices are redetermined and/or the confirmed rooms are changed. 
    4. If the agreed start and end times of the function are changed without the prior written approval of the Hotel, the Hotel may invoice additional costs for holding the services ready.
VII. Technical facilities and connections
    1. To the extent the Hotel obtains technical or other facilities as well as services from third parties at the request of the customer on its behalf, it acts in the name, with the authority and for the account of the customer. The customer shall be liable for handling such items with due care and for their proper return. The customer shall indemnify the Hotel against all claims of third parties for the provision of these facilities.
    2. For installations of technical extras and equipment, the Hotel may demand that these are inspected by the TÜV and that the customer furnishes the technical examination certificate to the Hotel without delay and without being asked. 
    3. The use of the customer's own electrical equipment using the hotel's electricity requires its written approval. The Hotel is entitled to invoice a fixed usage fee for this. The customer shall be liable for disruptions or damage to the technical facilities of the Hotel occuring through the use of his equipment, to the extent this does not fall within the Hotel's area of responsibility. 
    4. The customer is entitled with the approval of the Hotel to use its own telephone, telefax and data transfer facilities. The Hotel is entitled to charge a connection fee for this. 
    5. If suitable equipment from the Hotel remains unused through the connection of the customer's own equipment, the Hotel is entitled to invoice a shortfall fee.
VIII. Customer's decoration materials and other items
    1. Decoration materials brought in by the customer must comply with the fire regulations. The Hotel may demand the presentation of an official certificate. 
    2. Because of the danger of possible damage, the hanging and fixing of items to the walls is prohibited. The Hotel will provide appropriate stands or decorative screens, for which there is a charge. 
    3. All exhibition or other items brought by the customer must be removed without delay after the end of the stay and/or the function. If the customer fails to comply with this obligation, the Hotel may carry out the removal and storage at the customer's expense. If the items remain in the function room, the Hotel may charge the room rental until they are removed. The customer remains entitled to evidence a lower, the Hotel a higher loss. The necessary disposal of rubbish left behind shall again take place at the customer's expense. The above provisions also apply to items which are rented from third parties or are brought into the Hotel rooms.
IX. Liability of the Hotel
    1. Claims for damages for any legal reason whatsoever are excluded, unless the Hotel has acted with intent or is responsible for its own gross negligence or the gross negligence of its statutory representatives or senior executives as well as its other agents, or where the claim for damages results from the breach of material contractual obligations. A liability hereunder is in all cases of mere negligence limited in amount to the foreseeable typical contractual loss. The liability for damages from injury to life, personal injury or health shall remain unaffected. 
    2. Where the customer is a guest with accommodation, the Hotel shall be liable for items. Thereunder, the liability is limited to 100 times the room price, however, at most € or € for money and valuable items.
X. Liability of the Customer
The customer shall be liable for damage to buildings and/or furnishings which are caused by himself, his family members or guests, participants or visitors to functions, employees or other third parties from his sphere, under the statutory provisions. 
It shall be for the customer to obtain sufficient insurance for such types of liability. The Hotel is entitled to demand evidence of a corresponding insurance.

XI. Final Provisions
    1. Amendments or additions to this contract, including to this written form requirement, must be made in writing.
    2. Written notifications to the customer are deemed as received on the third day after posting, if they are sent by the Hotel to the last known address. By transmission via telefax, the record of sending is deemed evidence of receipt. The same applies accordingly to written notifications (post, telefax) by the customer to the Hotel. For personal deliveries of correspondence by the customer there is only a valid receipt, when the correspondence is returned countersigned by the employee responsible for this contract. Outside business hours, a delivery to third parties is possible in exceptional cases countersigned only by members of the management (area manager, night manager or duty manager). 
    3. Place of fulfilment and payment is the registered offices of the Hotel.
    4. Exclusive place of jurisdiction in commercial transactions, including for cheque and bills of exchange disputes, is the registered offices of the Hotel. If the customer has no general place of jurisdiction in Italy, the place of jurisdiction shall again be the registered offices of the Hotel.Italian law shall apply.
    6. Should individual terms of these standard terms of business be invalid or void, this shall not thereby affect the validity of the remaining terms. A valid term coming as close as possible to it shall apply in place of the invalid term. The same applies to gaps in the contract. 
Any other eventuality covered by the law.
These conditions apply to operations concerning housing in hotel rooms and the use of premises belonging to the rooms used for conferences and banquets and for other purposes known, including all services and supplies that Hotel provides a context in such cases.